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perfect. i came to see if i could demo a free version and this is good enough. I’ll check it out.


oh that was fun. I don’t know what we need Lore for but yeah why not. I’m gonna give this a few more wacks and for that price I might go for the full version too. Oh this game is gonna polish up real fun like i can see it already.


Any chance of allowing us to get the full version here on itch, or on GOG? Some of us do not use the Steam anti-consumer platform.


fun fact:
you can actually beat that level and unlock more stuff :Ofull version might even have more levels :O

Nice game but very grind intensive :-/

ztakes quite a while to have enough for one upgrade.

but I like the general concept of getting and stacking all sorts of weapons on top of each other,
I remember some very old flash game that implemented this concept to the point where you anahilated heavens and earth with all your simultaneously firing weapons :-D

game was too entertaining, I'll buy the full version now :-)


Lvl 145, probably time to stop playing =p

in the hyper version, are there more upgrades?
cause in the normal level around level 60-65, I had gotten all 10 things+level10 upgrades, so I only got choice between money and health upon levelup anymore


No but you can get extra items (not the weapons but the support items) in  purple and orange chests so you can go over the limit that way (and once you got them you can upgrade them... sometimes? Sometimes you need to find another chest with the item again for it to register that you should be able to level it up instead of giving you gold).

it's 6  weapons and 6 items by the way not 10 =p (and weapons typically go up to level 8 with a few exceptions, while the items often go to level 5 except duplicator I think which only goes to two, but is broken as fuck).

And yeah most of the levels beyon 60-ish are just gold/health. and most of them are obtained at the very end where you get shitton of xp if you've set things up correctly (enough damage to clear things, stacking bonus xp, attractor to grab the gems, and keeping bonus items around to grab as much as possible before the very end).



Hey it's your fault if I decided to try to go for highest level I could =p

i said that once, now i have over 350 hours in it on steam.....


could we get a little more content plsssssssssss?

I don't have a pc or phone to get the full version (I play on my school Chromebook, google play is blocked)

Maybe just give us the evolutions that you already have all the items for in the demo?


Can you make the demo downloadable so it doesn't delete my progress when I log out of my computer (for chromebook please (and others))

I cant say in generel but I played on windows 10 with firefox and it didnt delete my progress.
maybe you got some setting activated that will delete cookies upon closing the browser?

that stuff can really wreck savefiles and mre improtant things royally :O

this game is really fun, bought it on steam


Is there a way I can download it on a mobile

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Ericz Glory i don't think you can't download it on Mobile it only available on Steam and Windows

That's sad. 🌚💔🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️

I can't play it on web :((
Help me


LV 133??????

Super addictive, the power ups feel powerful, the levels are brutal. 

This masterpiece is worth every penny. 

Thank you for enjoying it!

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Is this gonna be released for smartphones? I played the web version with my phone and I loved it, please release it 🙏🙏 it's the first mobile game I'd pay for

Deleted 1 day ago

i've purchased this game on steam. but i can't play on browser. is there any solutions? in some place i cant play from the steam


I don't know how you came across this idea, but this game is great!! Superaddictive!!!


Huh? This concept is common, it's possible they got inspiration from other game


Definitely Magic Survival. But it is only for mobile.

I cant play it on a ipad!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I LOVE this game but pls i update the free web version i don't have a pc/laptop i want this game on mobile (the full version) either for free or for money i don't mind

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Wuz pretty fun! <3 I like the bullet hell elements and bein' a li'l sheep-herder Belment with a library fulla KJBs! <3

Where do we spend (secret thing) if not at (secret area) in huge amounts? I am 100% not going to play until i get (that amount) of (secret thing) for one character no matter how much fun this is....

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Where did it go? so sad..

If anyone is looking for some more achievements, there is an updated version 0.9.107 available on xbox game pass for pc. 

got so many projectiles and enemys that the game was lagging the reaper came and killed me

anyone else always take the birds because of the sounds they make?

when I start It all I see is red

Please let us play the game in 4:3 resolutions! Would LOVE to play this without black bars on my CRTs

Look!!!!! LV.124High LV


I want to play it on my phone😀😀😀😀😀

+1 ! You speak the truth.


This is where my journey ends, I have achieved my goal, greetings to anyone who might read this!


Hello poncle, sorry if there are errors in what I write (I'm using Google translate) but my biggest dream is that Vampire Survivors have a cooperative mode to play with my brother, it would be the best game and I would be the happiest person in the world <3

after a long time, I finally got my first 40k kill run. I'll move over to the full game version soon

on my s10+ laggin like hell


I got it on steam... but I want to play on my phone ❤️

It's $3 on Steam if you want more. He's not going to update the free version for obvious reasons.

Es un juegazo lo malo que yo solo puedo jugar en esta web y no tiene todos los personajes ni  mapas que el entero y lo malo es q no puedo comprarlo asi que disfruten del juego y lo recomiendo 100%

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