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I would love to buy this game on Steam but it's not available for Mac :(

Hi, I m a newbie on PC games, is there a way to save the progress and unlocked things in this online demo version ? each time I restart my browser, I have to start the game from scratch...

I'm not the dev, but you can download the launcher and install the game there. That way you won't need the finicky browser saves.


Thanks, indeed it's much better with the launcher !

I tested and I bought ! it's a good concept for short games, and on Switch or iPad, it would be great, good luck!


I don't normally buy early access games, but I enjoyed the demo, it's cheap, and you've said a Mac version is coming soon, so I'll take the chance.


how can u get this on mac :(


plz I want to play it 😩😩


plz how can i play it on ios ipad

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Fantastic gem of a game... 

I understand you said you are not actively pursuing the ability to let people transfer their saves but I will be honest: I was not planning on purchasing this game but upon trying it out I got.. addicted. I thought it would be an hour tops for me but got addicted to collecting the updates, getting the achievements, beating the 30 minute mark. 

I put several hours into the game and although I can restart I'd prefer not to lose my progress. Would really appreciate some sort of transfer mechanic and I will happily purchase on Steam - I feel others may be in the same boat as well.

Regardless of whether you will implement this or not, once again, highly addicting and amazing game; kudos!

Edit: Addiction prevails; bought it and restarted. Did not take long!

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I normally dislike these games (spammy combat & uncanny maps), but surprisingly, i enjoyed this, it's addicting. Good luck with this project.

I would buy it on Steam, but I don't want to grind the gold again. I suggest the dev reconsider, just add 500g 2500g 10000g achievements, revealing a code to unlock that gold on Steam version. Daily codes is one way to reduce code-sharing (clogs forum/search).

Change the power-up selection text from 'per level' to 'per upgrade'.

Also, pls mention how core mechanics, like (de)spawns, work ingame.


I love this game, sadly it doesn't work under linux ... please make it work with linux ;


Are there any plans for mobile versions? I can see this game running pretty well on mobile.

There is a mobile version actually, but it has been abandoned for now. While they don't fix the mobile version, you can play Magic Survival for Android instead, which was the inspiration for Vampire Survivors (the VS devs even say so in one of their update posts on Steam). It is a wonderful game as well. It will be also be ported to iOS soon.

great game ives spent hours on it already. I like the weapons:)


I absolutely love your game and was wondering if you're interested in translating it to other languages. If so, I'd be willing to translate it into Japanese for you (there are already several Japanese websites talking about the game).


Hey there,

I know I'm in the minority here, but I would have preferred to buy this on rather than on Steam.

But hey, if that's the only option available, then Steam it is. :) 

I absolutely love this game. Bought on steam and convinced some friends to get it as well.
Excellent work, and thank you for making it!

Great game, thanks for the free demo here, after 1 round I bought it on Steam!

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Might be my PC, but this runs horribly. First time I got a treasure chest, it took so long to do whatever it was doing. I mostly avoid them since it eats up too much time. It could be much more simple.

yeah the chest animation takes too long to conclude


Love your game 😄

I've taken it on steam (plus, I took another one for a friend 😅)

Good job 👍

I have this game on Steam.  I want to give my feedback which is that the game is awesome, but I would politely request an accessibility feature related to the projectiles on screen.  I had a similar problem with Forager, which I was able to use a workshop mod to resolve.  The projectiles on screen are so numerous by about 15-17 minutes into a run that I struggle to see where the enemies are or process what's happening.  What would be useful to me would be a slider, similar to the ones for sound and music, that would allow me to dim the projectiles appearance on the screen and fade them to be transparent down to invisible.  That way I could see the enemies better, instead of streaks of purple, black, blue, yellow, orange, etc. from my runetracer and birds.  Thanks in advance for considering this feedback.

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Also by the way, I tried to give this game a positive review on Steam and it wouldn't let me post the review.  But I tried!

The other feedback I thought of is that I always have to have a guide on the second monitor to remind me what evolves what.  The game tells you the first time you get the item and then never again.  My brain doesn't retain this information.  Please put the information on the item description.  For example, I'm doing a run now and just got an option to pick up Candelabrador.  Instead of it saying "Augments area of attacks by 10%."  I wish it said "Augments area of attacks by 10% (required to evolve Axe)."

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When I try to run the game on site, it is just a red screen

why? I kinda wanna try the Demo first. 

Edit: nvm, it was the cookies, just unblocked them

how to unblock coockies on ios ipad i want to play it


Just echoing everyone else that this game is dope, but can’t play the full version until it’s on Mac or Switch


I'll buy the game as soon as a Mac build is release

I just tried all of the windows emulators on Mac OS, none made it work :/

love this game


Indeed, oh please, we want this on Switch. Great game !


Plain stupid addictive! I'm loving it! Any chances you're looking to porting this baby to Switch ?

Great game! I am totally addicted. Are you looking for a pixel artist by any chance?

Absolutely love this game, fantastic work!


Love the game but only have a Mac...any chance you will port it on steam? Keep it up!


+1 would love an official MacOS port of the Steam version!  


Also only have Mac. Played the heck out of the Demo but really want to buy and play the full thing. Please take my money

amazing game, bought it on steam!

It played very nicely on my Android phone. It'd be nice to see on Google Play eventually.  I'll definitely be buying this amazing game on Steam.

This was really fun.  I guess I didn't get high enough level to meet the final big bad, but I enjoyed it without it feeling like a slog.

20 minutes I got like 50 frames per minute and died :(

Hi! Great game! If you find time, option to rebind keys would be great. I use non-standard keyboard layout + do not have arrows. :-)
Keep up great work! BTW:

Nice showcase with good ideas for further development.

Hey! Loved this game on but the Steam version does not work on OS X. Any plans for that in the future?


I bought it on Steam and have been playing on my tv, it's so frickin great. Would love it for plane trips on my macbook though! If it's possible to push an OSX build as well, I'd love ya forever and buy copies for everyone on the planet.


Great  game. I've recently maxed the achievements on steam.  I have one question as a fellow game developer. What engine are you using (or maybe you created your own)?


The framework is Phaser 3 :)

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Nice! What do you think of Phaser 3? Is it a productive framework? Would you have done the game in another tech stack if you could restart ?

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Thank you! It’s been a long time since I had a game I want to play again and again. Bought it on steam thanks to the Splatercat gameplay video.

It's a fun game. I certainly had a good time playing it. I'd recommend it. Though is it just me or do enemies spawn slightly less from above the character.

I did notice one thing that seems to be a glitch. If you get chest when you have a mostly full set of items it will sometimes give you new items so that you end up with more then the maximum number of secondary items. I only noticed it happen with chests that give out multiple items though.

Hi there. I seem to be missing five items in the collection. Any hints on how to get them.


Hi, it's probably weapon evolutions or rare pickups.

If you're missing a slot next to one of these weapons: Magic Wand, Knife, Axe, King Bible, or Fire Wand
Then you're missing the evolution of that weapon.

If you're mising a slot near the bottom of the collection, then you're missing a rare pickup and increasing your Luck and trying to destroy as many braziers as possible should help.


How to evolve weapons
Level up a weapon until it's maxed out and satisfy its requirements for evolution, that are different for each weapon. Once all requirements are satisfied, there will be a chance to find the evolved version of the weapon in Treasure Chests. For example:
Magic Wand LV8 + Empty Tome + Treasure Chest = Holy Wand


Ah, it must be the weapon evolutions. Thanks for the help.

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