There exist tales that don't exist.

The year 2021, Rural Italy, there lived an evil person named Bisconte Draculó, whose many evil magics created a bad world filled with famine and suffering. It's now up to the members of the Belpaese family to end his reign of terror and return good food to the table.

Vampire Survivors is currently a time survival game with minimalistic gameplay and roguelite elements.
There's no place where to hide, all you can do is try to survive a cursed night and get as much gold as possible for the next survivor, before Death inevitably puts an end to your struggles.


Content in the demo web version:

  • 7 characters
  • 22 weapons and 12 power-ups
  • 10 pickups
  • 23 achievements
  • 1 stage
  • Supports mouse, keyboard, controller, and touch screen.


Starting tips:
  • Take your time to grab gems and items, they won't disappear.
  • Get just two or three offensive weapons, but focus on leveling them up one at a time.
  • Armor and Luck are good starting power-ups to spend money on.


  • What's different from the Steam version?
    The Steam version is receiving regular content updates, while the web version on Itch is to consider pretty much like a demo.
  • Is it possible to transfer the save file to the Steam version?
    No, there are plans to look into it but it's highly unlikely it will happen.


Latest changes in 0.2.4:

- Content: added Bloody Tear, evolution for the Whip
- Content: added Heaven Sword, evolution for the Cross
- Tweak: Spacebar can be used just like Enter to interact with the UI
- Tweak: added a brief moment of invulnerability after picking up a treasure
- Tweak: difficulty spikes adjustments
- Tweak: added feedback on getting hit by enemies - Tweak: reduced Lightning Ring cooldown
- Bugfix: Lightning Ring achievement now properly checks for a total of 5000 enemies killed rather than 5000 per run

StatusIn development
Release date Mar 31, 2021
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(1,371 total ratings)
Made withPhaser
Tags2D, Bullet Hell, castlevania, Controller, Loot, Roguelite, Singleplayer, Spooky, Touch-Friendly, Vampire
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any), Touchscreen
MentionsGames of the Week: Spooky Vampires and Q...

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Anybody know what the item to the right of Garlic in Collection is?  It's the only one I haven't unlocked, and I have no idea what it could be. Apparently you can't evolve Garlic in this version, so...


it's pentagram, you get with an achivement, survive for 20 min


That was it - thank you!  I made it to the 30 minute ending many times, but forgot that the weapon has to be chosen to show up in the Collection.

Is this version ever going to be the same version as the one available on google play, or will it remain as what it is to encourage traffic for the steam version instead?


magic wand+ whip= vacuuming up xp


Any plans for a DRM-free release?

In case poncle reads this, I have a weird interaction where whenever I start up the full version of this game on steam I lose all my progress here on itchio. I really like to go back to this version here because of the reduced power creep, lower enemy spawns even compared to 0 curse on the full version, special emty tome mechanic. There are some differences here you can't get in the full version even if you limit yourself to only use all the OG stuff on mad forest, I say this as an E+36 Trousers. This version has always been my favorite to get new kill records in because it's more down to earth, nostalgic and has stayed consistent over the years. Is there any way to fix this losing progress issue?

the game stopped working when i exited full screen and I lost 20 minutes

Same request as everybody ... please add a way to transfer the progress to the Steam version. I'd buy it in a heartbeat.


please add a way to transfer save data to the full version!! maybe with a code or something? I've poured hours into the demo and the thought of restarting it all scares me from playing the full version...


iv been playing this for 2 years and still no update


As per the FAQ:

What's different from the Steam version?
The Steam version is receiving regular content updates, while the web version on Itch is to consider pretty much like a demo.

Buy the game, man.  It's $5 on Steam / Switch / Xbox, and free with (optional) ads on mobile.


1: im on a chromebook that is blocked by securly bro how am i supposed to buy that 2: I ONLY HAVE A CHROMEBOOK


There's a google play store version of this game.


aww i wish the orginal got some more love from the devs ;-;

the original that sadly doesnt have endless mode :-/

Happy new year!!!!!



I can not found the option to buy and download the game...


You can get an amazing full version on steam and consoles lol


I don't buy games on Steam! I only buy DRM-free on or Why does this game have a page here on itch, but no way to buy it?


The steam version is drm free, just checked it for you. You can just copy the installation folder

where is the link?


I LOVEEEEE THIS GAME but can we have a simple export and import button,  i just hate redoing the achievements. Just a recommendation :)


I am not the dev, but I just wanted to say to everyone still watching this page, the most updated (and probably completed) version of the game is on steam for $4.99 and on Android (as far as I know) for free with all of the content.

It would probably work in their favor if poncle added links to various full versions like the ones on steam, switch and mobile...


This is the best game on itchio.


i used to have a job and a family. But now I have vampire survivors.


Very cool game!


This game is really fun, and I enjoy it a lot.




This epic

Run through with Imelda.

Absolutely love this game, it's honestly my new addiction! This is a video with just Antonio. 

Congrats on the Switch port. I hope it can handle all the sprites on screen at once.


Suprisingly fun! What a great gameplay loop!


this game is good, not too hard but not too easy

game nhu cc

ko nen cho

Tin chuan khong anh?

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help im stuck! I have killed the director twice but after the gold and gem shower i get into the void zoomed out so my character is a tiny Dot with 2 circles of  clapping hands.... And it keeps me there until i kill the app! Is this a bug or what do i do to complet it or how to i exit it? As i recall this is NOT in the PC version…. Please help me… after I killed the app I keep the money front the shower but don’t get the credit for killing him so I can’t complete my collection:-(

ohh I forgot to say it’s the iOS version of the game.

(1 edit) (-3)

BUMB!!! anyone please help me with this problem… i cant progress any further!!!

I am trying to do the cheese wheel secret, i found the wheel, the werewolves attacked. I wiped them out with the pentagram but didng get the reward. Is this a bug or am I supposed to not use the pentagram?

Pentagram has a chance to wipe everything from the screen, 90% at level one, goes down with level ups, when it says stuff like 45% chance to not delete items. The evolved form does not delete things.

I had evolve, collected the cheese and no credit

I am just saying what I know, that is mostly from the mobile version, the wiki, and youtube


would it be possible to buy the full version on itch? I'm trying to stop buying games from steam

What type of game is this guys? I want to know so i can find more.


Thank you i appreciate it!!!


Such a fun game, play it all the time XD


Mortaccio is great, don't get me wrong, but he starts with the Bone, which would be fine, except it's the worst starting weaon on the game. You need to hope and pray to get Garlic early in your run with him to stand buch of a chance.

Trying to kill death, tried the pick up cross that kills all but it is imune, BUT the clock does work... now I wonder does it have infinite life or can it be killed?

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I managed to kill it in the full version, on a run where I had the Crimson Shroud and probably other health/armor buffs.

Cool, but i'm trying in the Demo, guess it is not possible, but the Clock does freeze it, I might try to chain multiple clocks, but guess not possible in the demo lol.


So Death is technically killable in the demo, but from a practical sense it's impossible.

He has absurdly high health, multiplied by your level when he spawns, and does absurdly high damage (I think he just oneshots you regardless of HP), and knockback has the opposite effect on him. If you were somehow able to keep him frozen indefinitely, it would take you forever to kill him.

i know that i can play on mobile. but the old mad forest theme is such a banger

why isnt  it loading for me


Oh, this developer deletes completely legitimate feedback? Awesome.

!Spoilers ahead!

Just an idea but they should add a second skin for Avatar Infernas that is ashes instead of fire for ashes of muspell 

for those trying to evolve flames of misspell it needs max torrona’s box


It's just a red screen for me.


Jeux vraiment cool, j'en suis tombé aamoureux et étant chasseur de succès (Xbox) j'ai un problème, depuis que j'ai acheté le DLC moonspell, le compteur de kill bloque entre 2000 et 5000 et même en continuant 1h à détruire du mobs le jeux refuse de compter les kill au dessus du blocage. Pouvez vous régler ce problème ?

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